Designed by a hands-on farmer to do a hands-on job,

Two Hands are built tough to be gentle on balage.

Designed by a hands-on farmer to do a hands-on job, Two Hands are built tough to be gentle on balage.

About 2 Hands

Two Hands Double Bale Grab are the sensible solution that will save you time and money by trebling your productivity. Why carry one bale when you can move three, four, five or even six bales at a time. Utilise to the fullest your tractors horsepower and save yourself money whilst doing so.

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time, fuel + money


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“Bloody excellent! We have them on all the time during winter and whenever we are shifting balage during summer. Two Hands on the back and a bale on the front. People have borrowed them and all have been impressed.”

Les Frisby - Farmer/Contractor, Titiroa, Southland


Paul Anderson is a second-generation farmer who invented the Two Hands Double Bale Grab™ in 2008 for use on the Fortification Farm he runs with his wife Michelle. 

Their Two Hands Double Bale Grab™ is now the subject of an international patent, and used by farmers and contractors throughout New Zealand and Australia. With the added benefit of the new Backstop Attachment moving those bales is a breeze.

  • Double the efficiency of moving bales with Two Hands™ patented bale grabs.
  • Designed to fit on three point tractor linkages and loaders, specifically to carry round bales but will also carry square bales on their sides.
  • Contractor … why not fit Two Hands™ to front and rear linkages and transport four bales.
  • Add a fourth service and Two Hands™ can be used on your loader to load, unload and stack bales, even placing balage directly over fences saving gateways from further damage.
  • While Two Hands are made to be strong they are gentle on balage wrap
  • Already using a loader with grabs to handle balage? Fit Two Hands™ to your rear linkage and move three bales simultaneously.
  • Price is NZ$7,490+GST for the Two Hands and NZ$2,490+GST for the backstop attachment.


  • Compatible with front and rear linkage mounting
  • Compatible with loading mounting
  • Independent arms
  • Arms open 1.56m (total 2.41 grab width)
  • Easy to maintain with grease nipples on all pivot points
  • Linkage pins provided
  • Weight approx 210kg
  • Construction guaranteed


Two Hands Double Bale Grab are subject to PCT Patent Application No. PCT/NZ2011/000168.

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